Did You Purchase Crepe Erase® from Other Sellers?

See if your purchase was from an authorized seller and is eligible for our 60-Day Product Exchange Guarantee. Plus, learn about the risks of diverted products, unauthorized sellers, and what we're doing to stop them. Any purchase of Crepe Erase® products from unauthorized sellers voids your eligibility for our 60-Day Product Exchange Guarantee.

Crepe Erase Products

Purchases from Authorized Sellers Eligible for Product Exchanges

Amazon (sold and shipped by Amazon)

Please note that QVC is an authorized sellers. However, if you purchased from them and would like to exchange your Crepe Erase® product(s), please contact QVC directly.

What are Diverted Products?

Diverted products are products that are sold by unauthorized sellers. You can find the list of known unauthorized sellers below.

The Risks of Diverted Products

Please be aware that products purchased from unauthorized sellers may be old, expired, outdated, tampered with, or counterfeit, and their quality and effects may be compromised. They may also be diluted or filled with unknown substances, which can cause adverse reactions. Crepe Erase® will not be held accountable for such products, and will not accept returns from any unauthorized sellers.

How We're Fighting Unauthorized Sellers

We have a team that carefully and consistently monitors all our unauthorized sellers and works closely with our legal team to remove them. We are constantly updating the list of unauthorized sellers on this page.

How to Report Unauthorized Sellers

Click here to report an unauthorized Seller. Select report unauthorized seller on the pull down menu and include the following in the comments field.

  • Product Name
  • Seller Name
  • Seller Storefront Link (optional)

Unauthorized Sellers

  • 1 Click Deals
  • 4 You & 4 Them
  • 101plentydeals
  • 2015 Beauty
  • 33Corner
  • Alexa Bella
  • AlisonHenney
  • AquaPeniel
  • Arigato Shop
  • Arigato Store
  • Arkiegirl
  • asahido Japan
  • b.n.g.japan
  • Bay Supplements
  • BBAT.vision
  • Beautyproducts4you
  • beautysupply
  • Blessings To Treasures LLC
  • BooksMan777
  • Britney's Boutique
  • carma's cosmetics
  • Champion Wellness LLC
  • Classic sweet
  • Daddy the Pooh Japan
  • D-Circle
  • Deals Start Here
  • Deals Within
  • DooLolly
  • Jeascen LLC
  • Kellygirls
  • KingDom Fish
  • King's Fork
  • Kotobukibooks
  • K's Trade
  • Mr Thrift
  • Mystique Rose Boutique
  • Nakoop Books
  • NewraModa
  • Northern leisure
  • Nutridone
  • Pacific Island
  • paulsbestbargains
  • Glow Natural Beauty, Inc
  • GoldenWay
  • Halo Creation
  • Happiness
  • Happy HOLIDAY! StoreJapan Gift
  • Hello Friend
  • Hope's Fire Online
  • integritymedia2
  • Japan Ec Shop
  • Japan Ichiba
  • JB World Books
  • Jean1226
  • Perth Shopping
  • Mallponcepatriotdeals
  • Probeautyhealth
  • Relation
  • Salamander99
  • Sendai Book Store
  • SIL japan
  • Sisterthrift
  • Soapify
  • Sola Radio
  • Soulmy Book Store
  • SP Valley
  • Equinox-Japan
  • FineJapan
  • Fish Net Creations, LLC.
  • ForTheLoveOfGame
  • Fotune Trade
  • FuWisdomBook
  • gege196
  • Gimme Sugar
  • Warbie Gallery
  • Wariors For Jesus Christ
  • X-Ford