Crepe Erase™ Refining Facial Scrub

Refining Facial Scrub

Reveals Softer, Younger-Looking Skin

This delicate facial scrub nourishes and renews the look of your complexion while prepping it for the next step in the system. It gently cleanses skin and softly polishes away dead surface cells to exfoliate and revive dull, dry, crepey-looking skin on the face. It contains an invigorating aroma and helps give your skin a luminous glow and a softer, more youthful appearance.

Special Ingredients:


    Skin Smoothing Exfoliators

    – Physical and AHA exfoliators gently slough away dead skin cells and skin-aging impurities.

    Moisturizing Complex

    – A blend of humectants to help skin retain moisture.

    TruFirmTM Complex

    – An exclusive blend of skin-restoring plant extracts that help promote healthy collagen and elastin.
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