What Are 'Old Lady Arms' & How to Get Rid Of Them

As we get older, it's only natural that our skin starts to change. It becomes less firm and smooth than it once was. This is a normal process and nothing to be ashamed of, but some people prefer to try to slow down the signs of aging. In particular, a lot of older women want to find ways to deal with so-called "old lady arms". In this guide, we'll cover all you need to know about how to get rid of the dreaded old lady arms.

What Are Old Lady Arms?

Before we take a look at exactly how to get rid of saggy, old lady arms, it's important to understand what this term refers to. You might hear other terms, like "bat wings" or "flabby arms" used to describe weak, sagging, or loose skin in the upper arm area. This can be a source of embarrassment for some people, and it might make you self-conscious when wearing certain clothes or lifting your arms up.


What Causes Old Lady Arms?

So, what actually causes this kind of problem in the first place? Well, there are actually several possible reasons that might play a part in the development of old lady arms.

1. Aging Causes Old Lady Arms

One of the main contributing factors to old lady arms is, you guessed it, age. Simply put, as you get older, your skin and muscles tend to become weaker, and as this happens, the skin in certain areas, like the upper arms, can start to sag. You skin can also become drier and weaker, which is known as "crepey skin", as your body is less capable of producing collagen and keeping the skin strong.

2. Old Lady Arms From Weight Gain

Another big cause of old lady arms is weight gain. If you lift your arms up and notice some of the skin hanging down or sagging from below the upper arm, it's likely that there may be a certain level of fat in that area. Unlike muscle, which can stay firm and toned even as you get older, fat can cause sagging and contribute to the appearance of bat wings.

3. Old Lady Arms Created By Muscle Loss

Following on from the previous point, as well as having extra fat in your arms, you might also start to lose some muscle mass in those areas as you grow older. The muscles in the upper arms are critical in terms of keeping the arms looking toned and firm, but as the amount of muscle declines, the skin can naturally start to sag.

4. Old Lady Arms From Other Environmental Factors

There are also various environmental factors that can cause the development of old lady arms. If you have lots of sun exposure, for example, the sun's UV rays can damage the skin, drying it out and causing it to become weak and crepey. That's why its always very important to apply sunscreen whenever you're skin will be exposed to the sun for even a short period of time.

5. Old Lady Arms From Bad Habits

Other factors like diet, smoking, and alcohol consumption can also have a direct impact on skin health and appearance. Eating a mjority diet of processed foods can take a toll on your body and skin. Also, the presence of cigarette smoke, even if you aren't a smoker yourself, can cause your skin to appear older than it is. Alcohol when consumed frequently can also contribute to signs of aging.


How to Get Rid of Saggy Old Lady Arms

Luckily, it is possible to prevent crepey skin and deal with old lady arms, and there are steps you can take to undo some of the changes in your arms and help them look and feel more pleasant to you.

1. Exercise to Firm Up Saggy Arms

As explained above, one of the main issues that causes old lady arms is a build up of fat and a loss of muscle in the upper arm muscles, like the biceps and triceps. As muscle levels decrease and fat levels build up, the area can start to look less firm, leading to sagging sections and general weakness.


So, one of the best ways to get rid of old lady arms is to start exercising those muscle groups. This doesn't mean that you need to become a bodybuilder, but you can start doing some simple exercises for crepey skin and movements to build up arm strength. Some example exercises include bicep curls with low-weight dumbbells, push-ups, and dips. Even just using a light two to five pound weight while you watch TV can be a preventative activity.

2. Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Saggy Arms

Another smart way to cope with old lady arms or bat wings is to make some lifestyle changes and stick to them. As explained above, various lifestyle and environmental factors can contribute to the appearance of sagging or crepey skin, including your diet, smoking and drinking habits, and even the amount of time you spend in the sun.

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your skin's health. Adjusting your diet to include more healthy, skin-boosting foods with key vitamins and minerals is a good way to start. As mentioned above, cutting out or reducing cigarette smoking and alcohol can help, as well, and if you do like to spend lots of time in the sun, make sure to use that sunscreen and other protective measures for your skin like simply covering up when in direct sunlight.

3. Skincare Products to Treat Saggy Arms

Another excellent method for how to get rid of old lady arms is with the aid of trusted, proven skincare products, like the full range of Crepe Erase treatment products. Specially designed and formulated to soothe the symptoms of crepey skin and restore firmness, smoothness, and strength, these products can help you improve the look and feel of your arms.

Crepe Erase treatments include key ingredients sourced from the natural world, like dill oil for promoting elastin production and sage oil, which helps to restore resiliency and combats the damage of free radicals and UV light on your skin. With regular use, these products can help your skin feel stronger, boosting collagen production and smoothing away fine lines.

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