How to Repair Aging Hands?

Many people like to fight the signs of aging by using moisturizing creams and other skincare solutions around their bodies and on their faces. But one of the areas that often gets overlooked is the hands.

Just like the rest of the body, the hands can start to show the signs of aging as we get older. In fact, since the hands are exposed to so much, they can sometimes age even faster than other areas, leaving many people looking for ways to repair their aging hands.

Well, if you’ve been wondering how to repair aging hands, this guide will go over all you need to know. First, we’ll look at some of the causes of aging hands, before looking at useful treatments and products to repair hands.


How the Hands Change with Age

As people get older, it’s common to notice visible changes in the skin of the hands. The skin may start to look a little duller than it once did, losing some of that youthful radiance and glow. Wrinkles, fine lines, and spots may also begin to appear as the years go by.

Many people also find that parts of their hands become crepey, resembling crepe paper in texture and appearance, with weak, dry, and brittle patches. And all of these issues can occur for a range of reasons, including age, sun exposure, and lifestyle factors.

It’s natural to see your hands age with time. As the years pass, the body isn’t able to produce as many key proteins, like collagen and elastin, to repair and strengthen the skin, so it starts to lose some of the solidity and firmness it once had.

What is Causing Dry, Wrinkled or Spotted Hands?

The causes of aging skin can be far and wide as we use our hands for so many things. However, here are some top key reasons why your hands suddenly show visible signs of aging such as dryness, wrinkled or crepey skin, or contain brown or dark spots:


1. Manual Labor Causing Dry, Rough Hands

If you do a lot of manual labor, you’ll naturally tend to rely on your hands a great deal. You might use them for picking up and carrying out heavy and rough items, for example, or you might do a lot of work with tools. In any case, using your hands so much and handling so many rough and coarse items can cause the skin to dry out and suffer various damages.

2. Sun Exposure Causing Brown or Dark Spots on Hands

Many people find that they need to repair hands after spending so much time in the sun over the years, without proper protection. A lot of us might wear hats or sunglasses to protect our heads, neck and eyes, as well as applying sunscreen to our arms and legs, but it’s easy to overlook the hands, which tend to spend more time exposed to the sun than any other body part.

3. Lack of Moisturizing Causing Wrinkled Hands

If you don’t want to worry about seeking out products to repair hands in the future, it’s best to act now and moisturize your hands regularly with the aid of hand creams and lotions. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget this and simply don’t nourish the skin of their hands enough with moisturizers. This can cause the skin to dry out and succumb to the signs of aging more rapidly.


How to Prevent Aging Hands

Before we look at how to repair aging hands with skincare solutions, let’s focus on a few key tips and tricks you can keep in mind to prevent aging hands from appearing in the first place. Of course, you can’t simply stop the aging process, but there are some things you can do to help your hands out and slow down the development of lines and crepey skin.

1. Protect Your Hands from the Sun - One of the best ways to protect your hands is to make sure you use sunscreen on sunny days on your hands, as well as your face and body. This can make a huge difference, as the sun’s UV rays do a lot of damage.

2. Gardening - When gardening, your hands can quickly feel dried out and tired from touching soil and plants. Make sure you use gloves as much as possible and take breaks to moisturize your hands.

3. Cleaning - While cleaning or doing the dishes, it’s also recommended to use rubber gloves to protect your hands. This should prevent you from coming into direct contact with harsh cleaning chemicals.


4. Driving - Even while driving, it’s recommended to wear gloves, especially on sunny days. The effects of the sun’s rays on your skin can be particularly damaging when they pass through a car windshield, but gloves provide a shield for your skin.

5. Avoid Very Hot Water and Chemicals - Exposing your hands to really hot water or chemicals can contribute to skin dryness and irritation. Try to wash your hands only with warm or cool water, and use gloves any time you might need to work with chemicals.

6. Moisturize Often - Finally, it’s strongly recommended to use hand creams and moisturizers often. This should help to slow down the signs of aging, so you won’t have to worry about how to repair aging hands as much.

Actually Effective Aging Hands Treatment

So, we’ve seen some of the causes of aging hands and ways to slow down the development of problems on the hands, like wrinkles and crepey skin. But how can you actually repair hands that are looking old, dry, and tired out?

Well, the right skincare solutions can make a major difference. Soothing, nourishing, and repairing treatments are able to bring life and radiance back to tired and worn-out hands, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines to leave your hands looking much happier.

Crepe Erase’s collection of skincare products is specially designed to provide amazing visible results in a matter of weeks, including on the hands, and here are just a few key products you can use to repair hands that are looking old:

  • Anti-Aging Hand Repair Treatment - Designed specifically for the hands, this treatment can help your palms, fingers, and backs of the hands look visibly smoother and younger, with a powerful anti-aging formula to fight wrinkles and crepe paper skin.
  • Toning and Tightening Body Serum - This body serum is able to provide incredible toning and tightening effects all over the body, evening out your skin tone and soothing dry and crepey areas on the hands, or elsewhere. It can visibly increase firmness, radiance, and elasticity.
  • Dark Spot Correcting Serum - Another issue you may notice on old hands is the appearance of age spots or little clusters of dark brown and gray spots. With our dark spot correcting serum, you can visibly minimize those spots.

So, if your hands feel a little worn out or are showing some signs of age, don’t despair. Choose Crepe Erase skincare solutions, like Anti-Aging Hand Repair Treatment, and bring some life back into your hands.